Italian Style

Italy is famous for its huge contribution to the world of art, architecture, fashion, opera, sport, literature and design – the list goes on, and we haven’t even mentioned the delicious world of Italian food yet.
Whether it’s one of the medieval villages or the futuristic skyscraper just opened, a corner of the coast on the sea or the amphitheater of a Medici villa, Italy is a natural set for breathtaking events to dress with our Italian taste.
With a simple wicker basket on a convertible car you can reach a beach or a bench in front of the Colosseum and in a moment, you can dive into the carefree Dolce Vita.
A row of vines, a red stone farmhouse; wines, cheeses, pasta and hot bread appear on the table: you sit around the table and it is immediately a party and… Italy.
Italy to discover manufacturing traditions: silk, wool, ceramics … open a door behind which there is an invaluable treasure, unknown to most, even to Italians.
In the same way we bring Italian style, elegance and creativity to a Bedouin dinner, to an aperitif on the roof of a New York skyscraper or to a treasure hunt through the streets of Madrid. Because that Italian touch never leaves us.