Concept, creativity and logistics are the cornerstones to create a successful event, but… MINE GOES BEYOND!

Our motto is Omotenashi

Since we discovered its meaning, on the occasion of Tokyo’s candidature for the Olympics, Omotenashi (in english “entertain guests with all your heart”) has become our philosophy of hospitality!


Transparency, professional ethics and maximum effort are the founding values of Omotenashi and also the most appreciated by those who collaborate with us, whether they are customers, suppliers or collaborators.

We do our best to ensure that everything is done clearly, from the budget to the final balance.
We do our best to create an unforgettable memory in the hearts and minds of our guests.


It is the capacity to anticipate the wishes and expectations of the customers even before they share them with us; it embodies the concept that we love to the most; which is:  attention to the guests and gratitude for their presence.


Today more than ever we ensure that our guests not only have fun but learn as well, and that our staff is also looked after so that everyone feels comfortable during the event.

Taking care means putting health and safety first by applying all the proper protocols, studying carefully and asking all suppliers to adjust services accordingly.

It means planning in advance the actions to be taken both in ordinary and emergency situations to prevent inconveniences any unforeseen circumstances to anyone involved in our events.


Key features of Omotenashi are the search for harmony and attention to details to create unique and distinctive experiences, an absolutely personal welcome, which expresses an ultimate consideration for the guests, making them feel important and appreciated.


placing the customer always center stage, by conquering their trust and always offering excellence.

This is MINE, beyond events!

This is MINE,
beyond events!